You can help save turtle doves

There are a range of ways you can help to save turtle doves, from supporting farmers to create turtle dove habitat through your shopping choices to recording your turtle dove sightings and creating habitat for turtle doves yourself.

Report a turtle dove sighting

Have you seen a turtle dove?

Log your turtle dove sightings to BirdTrack.

The sightings submitted can be used to help target conservation activities at the locations where they will have the biggest positive impact for turtle doves.

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Create turtle dove habitat

Turtle doves spend two thirds of their time outside the UK where they face a range of threats along their migratory route, which takes them from their wintering grounds in West Africa to their breeding grounds in the UK. However, research shows that the loss of habitat in England is the biggest factor driving their declines here.

For this reason, it is essential that we establish good turtle dove feeding and nesting habitat over the turtle dove’s core UK breeding range in East Anglia and South-East England.

And this is where you can help turtle doves – by providing them with places to feed, nest and drink.

Download Helping your local turtle doves PDF for a handy guide that outlines how you can provide turtle doves with the habitats they need in the UK.

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Did you know that by choosing certain products you can support the vital work we are doing to save the turtle dove?

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Make a donation

Making a donation to Operation Turtle Dove is an easy but vital way to support the project and help save this iconic bird from extinction in the UK. Funds raised will go towards delivering on-the-ground advisory work to create vital habitat for turtle doves in the UK and to carry out essential research into what turtle doves need during their whole life cycle from England to Africa so that we can develop essential conservation solutions to save this species.

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There are various ways you can keep up to date with Operation Turtle Dove news and learn more about you can help save turtle doves.

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