Update on Pembrokeshire turtle dove

We have had several updates on our St David’s Turtle Dove who seems to of made it through some of the coldest winter nights I can remember for a long time! Mr Briggs keeps me informed every time the herculean dove appears in his garden…

20/02/2013 – St David’s Turtle Dove back in our garden at 15.30 and 16.20, latterly drinking from a bird bath alongside our garden pond.  I suspect it visits pretty regularly, but we aren’t always aware.

21/02/2013 – Turtle dove here again at 3.50pm, in the company of a collared dove. From discussions with a neighbour the bird clearly is a regular visitor to gardens in the area, though only noted by a small number of people able to recognise it.

03/03/2013 – Having not seen the turtle dove in our garden for nine days we were beginning to wonder whether it had found more congenial surroundings, but it has just appeared in our bird bath, albeit briefly, so Pembrokeshire still suits it.

21/03/2013 – Just to keep you up to date…We’ve been away for a week, but the turtle dove is still with us and has just appeared in the garden, around our feeders, at 9.05.

I think this turtle dove has well and truly made its home among the other doves in these Pembrokeshire gardens and will reside here for the rest of the year.  I will keep you updated on this endearing story over the coming months……