Turtle Doves are Wild About the Wensum

Last Saturday (18th May) saw the seventh annual Wild About the Wensum event at Pensthorpe Wildlife and Gardens, near Fakenham, Norfolk. This popular event attracts around 2,000 visitors and aims to educate adults and children alike about the natural environment. This year Wild About the Wensum was dedicated to raising awareness of the plight of Turtle Doves.

Visitors heard that Turtle Doves have declined by 93% since 1970 and the Wensum Valley is one of the doves’ last strongholds. Visitors were able to see Pensthorpe’s captive bred Turtle Doves and tur-tours (a play on the species Latin name Streptopelia turtur) wend their way through the nature reserve with the hope of viewing the birds in the wild.

Proceeds from the day went to Operation Turtle Dove and will be used to fund both research into ideal Turtle Dove nesting and foraging habitats, and on-the-ground advice to farmers.

Article about Wild About the Wensum in the Eastern Daily Press: http://www.edp24.co.uk/news/picture_gallery_wild_about_the_wensum_at_pensthorpe_wildlife_and_gardens_1_2201567

Pictures from the day: http://www.edp24.co.uk/news/wild_about_the_wensum_pictures_by_ian_burt_1_2201566?id=15&storyId=1.2201567.1368986652