Operation Turtle Dove on ITV Countrywise

Did you see ITV Countrywise on Monday 7th October? The programme featured a great piece about the plight of Turtles Doves and what Operation Turtle Dove is doing to try and save the species for disappearing from the UK altogether.

Presenter Paul Heiney visited the Wader Aviary at Pensthorpe Wildlife & Gardens, near Fakenham, Norfolk, where he saw Pensthorpe’s flock of captive bred Turtle doves and heard their soothing turr turr call. Head Warden, Ed Bramham-Jones, then showed Paul the feeding trials that are being conducted to try and establish what seeds Turtle Doves like to eat. The results of this research will inform the types of foraging habitat required on farmland.

Paul then went on to talk to Ellie Savory at her farm, where she and her husband have created special habitats to try an encourage Turtle Doves to nest and rear young. Turtle Doves were once a common sight on their farm but their numbers have dwindled in recent years.

If you missed the programme it’s available for the next four weeks on ITVplayer –