Turtle Doves feature in Country Living Magazine

Have you seen February’s edition of Country Living Magazine?

Writer, Paul Evans, has written a great article about the plight of the Turtle Dove, accompanied by some lovely pictures. At the end of the article there are some suggestions of ways that you can help the Turtle Dove, such as report sightings to Operation Turtle Dove, have a weedy area in your garden, and support the international campaigns to stop the illegal hunting of the birds. One other way to support the work of Operation Turtle Dove’s work is to actively seek out Conservation Grade food and products when doing your weekly shop. Conservation Grade farmers are growing nesting and foraging habitats for Turtle Doves and the brands who sign up to the scheme and use the produce from the Conservation Grade farms are providing much needed funds for research.

For more info about Country Living Magazine, have a look at their website – www.countryliving.com