Update on Titan

Titan, our satellite tagged turtle dove, set off on his migration to the wintering grounds in sub-Saharan Africa on the 19th September, exactly the same time that he began his southbound journey last year!

Not hanging around in France, Titan reached northern Spain around the 22nd September and spent a couple of weeks refuelling before flying on towards the African continent, safely reaching Morocco in early October. On the 6th October he left Morocco on the next leg of his journey and the team woke this morning (9th Oct) to find that Titan had crossed the Sahara – the largest natural barrier on his journey – and is currently in southern Mauretania.

Titan migration route 05.10.15You can get updates on his progress by following @RSPBScience on Twitter. The RSPB will also be updating their Titan page on the RSPB website. We will also be following Titan’s progress here on the Operation Turtle Dove website.

titan_john_mallord 2015