‘A Postcard from Titan’ Winners

Well done to Amie (10), Alice (6) and Owen (6) who are the winners of our Postcard from Titan competition!

Titan is a very special satellite tagged Turtle Dove. He has successfully completed three migrations, from his breeding grounds in Suffolk, UK to his wintering quarters in Mali and back again. The information that the RSPB Science team have received from the tag has enabled us to see exactly where Titan and his friends are visiting on their migration route and where they settle when they arrive at their destination. This helps conservationists target habitat creation and management, ensuring the birds have suitable nesting and foraging sites.

We loved receiving Titan’s postcards, hearing news from his migration, seeing the wonderful sights. Titan managed to drop in to see The Queen at Sandringham! He really enjoyed his visit to the Eiffel Tower as he flew through France. He also got an amazing view of the Atlas Mountains as he flew over the African Continent to his wintering grounds in Mali.

The winners will receive an adoption certificate for one of the resident Turtle Doves at Pensthorpe Natural Park, along with lots of Turtle Dove themed goodies.