Dove Step 3

Just 48 hours until the Dove Step team embark on an epic walk to save the Turtle Dove

It is our pleasure to invite Jonny Rankin to give this guest blog today as he is busy making last minute preparations for his next incredible fundraising journey.  

I type this just 2 days away from our next Dove Step journey; our most daunting yet.

We have deliberately made each fundraising effort something suitably intimidating, something we had no certainty of completing. From walking 300 miles in 13 days, to covering 700 miles in just 14 days, via sea kayak, cycle and walking – we are used to stretching our bodies and mind to the to the absolute limit. A challenge should be just that; challenging.

Beyond the sheer distances involved in crossing Spain – in its entirety – from south to north – there are a myriad of things which could and will inevitably go wrong. This is the nature of long distance challenges as we have learnt the hard way over the last few years.

The feeling of apprehension is a now familiar one – an old friend returned to snatch a little more sleep each night and have me check and re-check route plans and kit. We are wholly dedicated to Dove Step in all its forms: the awareness and especially fundraising is a huge motivation beyond the endurance.

Please follow Dove Step 3 throughout February and support our fundraising for Operation Turtle Dove.

You can learn more about Dove Step 3 and Jonny Rankin if you listen to this podcast.

Dove Step 3